Memorial Day

Memorial Day Memories©
A serious time, yet one that always brings hope….
It seems like yesterday, when but a lad of eleven, twelve and thirteen, back in Union City, PA. I was a junior member of the VFW Post Drum and Bugle Corps, an adventure I shall never forget and always cherish. A time that I learned of wars and of those who fought them and those who remained at home to await the return of their loved ones.
I learned the deepest respect for the old timers and their stories of valor and fear and faith and courage, often in eulogies at graveside. The drums beat cadence, the glockenspiels called the order, and the bugles recalled taps in honor of all who passed in the line of duty, as they have done for time beyond my memory and will, I hope, long after I am gone.
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Memorial Day Memories©
Vietnam Era Veteran, Father of 3 Gulf War Era Veterans
Memorial Day Ramblings©
Memorial Day Weekend-
Please Remember Our Veterans’ On Memorial Day, and every day,
please pause for a moment or two to consider the sacrifices of all Veterans’
who have given freely, so that we all may and may always enjoy our freedom.
As it was their job to defend our freedom, so it becomes our job to honor their memories.
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Memorial Day 2010©
Memorial Day©
Memorial Day, once a time, to commemorate,
those who have fought & died in wars, to keep us great.
Those feelings, now I fear, have greatly weakened,
instead replaced, by America’s love, of the 3 day weekend.
Memorial Day:
Memorial Day for those Veterans that died.
Veterans Day, is for all who have served and are serving yet today.
As you know, Memorial Day commemorates all who died as a result of their service.
As well as those who have died, all other Veterans are remembered and commerated on Veterans Day. In reality, we should never forget our Veterans and every day should be Veterans Day.
Be at peace my friend……

It always seems more comfortable to stir-up somebody else’s ashes, my friend:-)

Resentments in all forms and self-delusions of being able to fix or protect another from anything seem to need to be balanced-out with acceptance through understanding and forgiveness, beginning, first, with ourselves.. and then with others around us…we must eliminate the ego-centric nature we have cultivated and replace it with a love-centered nature..

In a history of hard being better in many ways, we often find not having to battle the windmills of our past, leaves us wondering what we should be battling..letting go and letting be seem foreign to us, yet, if we do not, we do not progress….a dichotomy? perhaps, but one that provides growth through illumination not the damnation of darkness and despair…

Be at peace my friend…..

One Veteran’s Pledge©
When it was my time, I served. My sons served, because I shared with them the value and meaning of serving. I wear the badge of doing the right thing, but also the pain of sending my sons into harms way. Today I can justify that it still is right, but am troubled over the pain my son has and the pain of so many other sons and daughters and the pain of their loved ones, who, like myself, sent them off to war. So, today, I proudly serve our Veterans in the best ways I can. I am an activist for Veterans issues, I honor our standing military and I help with health and well being issues of our Veterans of all Era’s and for the active duty military of today. This is the focus, this is our purpose, this is what we owe to our Veterans.
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, One Veteran’s Pledge©
Our Protectors, Our Veterans©
The lives of some known and many not, have touched us. There’s little difference than found in any other war, with caskets holding their bodies, now come home they to rest. They were our protectors, it is their duty they have done, and they did their best, and again, lives of some known and many not, have touched us.
How many times has the “story of stories” been repeated, by millions of families throughout the ages since first spoken? “He gave His only Begotten Son”, rings on and on. May that sacrifice never be forgotten. Likewise, millions of other sons and daughters have been given, as our Protectors, in their service; to God, to country, to family, to community. They, too, gave up their begotten children, their loved ones, for us, for all of us, to never be forgotten. As was His sacrifice, is theirs, our protectors, for the ever living hope of futures bright, we join in humble gratitude, to honor and to comfort all who need.
May our protectors, our veterans, never be forgotten.
In addition to the horrors and ravages of war itself, during each era of our protectors, our veterans, have had to face such issues as we have seen; issues such as radiation, psychedelics, agent orange, chemicals, biological agents and unproven experimental vaccines. It is my belief that it is our ultimate responsibility to do what we can to minimize these types of issues that were unnecessary to have occurred in the first place. We owe our protectors this, too, for all current and future generations.
  If we do not protect our protectors, our veterans, who indeed, will protect them?
The health and well being issues of our protectors, our veterans of all eras and of the reserves, guards, and active duty military of today are real. This should be our focus, this should be our purpose, this should be our commitment, and this is what we owe to our protectors, our veterans.If we do not protect our protectors, our veterans, who indeed will protect us?
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Our Protectors, Our Veterans©
For Our Forgotten Veterans©
For those who served,but were not served in return
we thank you
we salute you
we pray for you
we offer our hand to you…
we pledge you will never be forgotten again.
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, For Our Forgotten Veterans©
Inalienable Rights©
Our rights; of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, are guaranteed by our republic’s honored constitution and enforced by our men and women in the military.
Today’s military will soon be tomorrow’s Veterans, Be there for them today, as they are there for us. Be there for them tomorrow, as they were for us, always.
Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Inalienable Rights©
Together We Are Americans©
My eyes are filled and overflow for my sister and my brother.
Though from different clans, we are together in spirit and in pride
and have shared the sacred banner and uniform of freedom,
for those of past we did and do today,
for all those who will follow in the future.
Richard G. Shuster,RandomlyRamblingRick, Together we are Americans©

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