A Good start to the New Year

Rick and Jo are todays contributors – Rick with his sly humor remind us of our resolution failings. Then Jo Meecham has a short piece she entered into a 95 words or less story competition.


New Year 2016 New Year Resolution #1

With great resolve, it is resolved, resolvent action, to be taken.
No more resolutions made, when known, we’re going to break ’em.

Randomly rambling Rich Shuster



Jo Meacham

I ran in the desert so I could test my new dog, Molly, off leash. Molly took off without listening, utterly failing the test. Sensing no danger to the dog, I ran ahead. I thought about my recent deployment and how this desert reminds me of Afghanistan. It bothers me that women there still need protection from bad men. Lost in my thoughts, I did not notice the bad man lurking. He attacked me and met an untimely death. Molly passed the ultimate test! I vowed to send a Rottweiler to every woman inAfghanistan.


Wishing all a peaceful New Year

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