My Country IS

In time for veterans day Larry Quinn asks a question of all of us.

“My Country is…”

My Country is a Rainbo of colors and hues

A masterful Pallete, whatever you choose

Some may try to paint me just Red, or just Blue

They’re missing the picture our forefather’s drew,

My country’s a diamond, a spectrum of light

Meant for all colors to blend and unite

It takes understanding for Black to be White

No lines of division, no wrong or no right

My country’s a journey through unchartered land

Where no-one’s excluded from taking a stand

Though we must step lightly in making our case

So the visions of others still have a place

My country’s a challenge to ways of the past

Where common men struggle to

Freedom, at last

I live in a nation still finding it’s way

Through right of dissention ,

A Vote, Yea or Nay

By Larry Quinn

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