Memories by Henry J Humcap

For those of us that are of a certain age, may remember the Henry J of the 50s ( the rest of you I refer to google). Todays contribution is by Rick Shuster.


by Henry J. Hubcap©


Hi there, I’m Henry J. Hubcap,


AaaChoo, ‘scuse me, hay fever, don’t you know.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the light of day,

I’ve been in an old barn, under a pile of moldy hay.


Last I remember much, it was a great day, just spinning down the road,

We swerved too late to miss that farm tractor and wagon,

making him dump his whole darn load.


AaaaChoo, ‘scuse me, hay fever, don’t you know.


I don’t know what exactly happened next, we hit the ditch, then things went black.

Seemed like I was there for quite a time, then somebody came along with a truck and

scooped me up with a bunch of other stuff and dumped me in the back.


AaaaChoo, ‘scuse me, hay fever, don’t you know.


But wait a minute, where have all my running buddies gone,

My cousins, Kaiser and Frazer, and my pal DeSoto and my Girlfriend Packard?

What’s that you say? There are more that have gone away.

No, it can’t be, Willys, Hudson, Studebaker, Rambler, Edsel and now Oldsmobile and Pontiac too?

The thought for me, is just too hard.


AaaaChoo, ‘scuse me, hay fever, don’t you know.


But I was telling you about what happened to me,

Today is the first time since 1959, the sunlight, do I see.


Sombody, pulled me out of that moldy hay,

brushed me off, while saying, we’ll take this along with us today.

Jumbled into an old cardboard box, I found myself with lots of stuff.

I heard something about a Bop & Shine Car Show, where oldies still are tough.


AaaaChoo, ‘scuse me, hay fever, don’t you know.


I’m doing better now, thanks for asking, and thanks for letting me take your time,

I wonder if you have a cloth and some polish, I feel the sudden need to shine.


Richard G. Shuster (from RandomlyRamblingRick, Memories, by Henry J. Hubcap©)

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