August in Northern Nevada

Once again Rich Shuster delights us with thoughts about august.
This is the month, for sounds and sights,
that we fondly call, Hot August Nights®.

Nostalgic tunes, of Rock and Bop,
The prom, the concerts, and the hop.

10,000 Classic Cars roll down our streets, with a now familiar roar,
Old time Rockers appear, 0ne hundred thousand, or even more.

August 3rd, the party starts, it’ll be, completely outta’ sight,
Its time to enjoy, Hot August Nights®

Soon the music is over, crowds are gone, with few remaining classics,
but memories linger-on, for novices, enthusiasts and all of us fanatics.

We did it all, we did not stop, a week in August, the weather hot!
The cruising, the concerts, the parties, prom and hop.

Looking back, as through the rear view mirror,
at the music, cars and nostalgic cheer.

Time now to reminisce, recover and savor memories dear,
yes, Hot August Nights® is over now, until another year.

Family vacations, now in high gear,
before we know it, another school year.

The Summer sun, now begins to slide,
not as high in the sky, does it now ride.

Summer now is on the run, almost over, it’s almost done.
Oh how did that happen, oh how could it be?

If only a few more months, Summer could stay,
but alas, Labor Day is only, another week away.

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