Memorial Day

RandomRamblingRick Shuster shares some thoughts for this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, once a time, to commemorate,
those who have fought & died in wars, to keep us great.
Those feelings, now I fear, have greatly weakened,
instead replaced, by America’s love, of the 3 day weekend.

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick , Memorial Day©

My heart is heavy

My heart is heavy,
but its a better one,
because I’ve known my comrades,
and shared their pain….

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, My heart is heavy©

For Our Forgotten Veterans©

For those who served,
but were not served in return
we thank you
we salute you
we pray for you
we offer our hand to you…
we pledge you will never be forgotten again.

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, For Our Forgotten Veterans©

A Sailor’s Uniform©

It seems a long time since this once young sailor wore that uniform,
but my pride in what it stands for is as new as today?

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, A Sailor’s Uniform©

One Veterans Pledge©

When it was my time, I served.
My sons served, because I shared with them the value and meaning of serving.
I wear the badge of doing the right thing, but also the pain of sending my sons into harms way.
Today I can justify that it still is right, but am troubled over the pain my son has and the pain of
so many other sons and daughters and the pain of their loved ones, who, like myself, sent them
off to war.

So, today, I proudly serve our Veterans in the best ways I can. I am an activist for Veterans issues,

I honor our standing military and I help with health and well being issues of our Veterans of all Era’s
and for the active duty military of today. This is the focus, this is our purpose, this is what we owe to our Veterans.     

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