Rick’s Calendar

Each month Randomly Rambling Rick Shuster likes to write a short piece for the the month. Here are this years efforts. enjoy.


We all need realize that in our lives we need balance just like all finely made precision instruments.
We learn to maintain our balance by avoiding excesses in any part of our existence.

We attempt to include in ourselves the right amounts of those of life’s balancing ingredients.
We include in our balance; spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and environmental weights.

We also realize that this balancing requirement that we embrace is somewhat unsteady at times.
We think somehow that the balance should be tight, precise and never wavering, firm footed and solid.

We soon find it is more like a small flat river raft, sometimes smoothly gliding, at other times hanging-on.
We often find that the balance most needed in our lives is the others, who like ourselves, need the balance of us in theirs.

February Ramblings

Remember, February is the month,
you said this past July,
would be the month you’d get done, those chores you put off,
surely you didn’t lie.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
or so it says in rhyme, for someone you hold dear.
Once a year, is not enough to say,
what should be said all the time, repeated throughout the year.

Dead Presidents
Celebrated this month, a special day,
all Presidents honored, with words so bright & sunny.
But for us, my friends, the ones of importance,
have their pictures on our money.

Winter Wears On
The New Year is now nearly two month’s gone
and Winter’s wearing heavily on my mind.
I look for relief and solace, anywhere I can.
Only one more month, until Daylight Saving time.

March Thoughts

March is named for Mars, mythical god of war.
Known best for its Ides and St. Patrick’s Day, and normally very little more.

March, a turbulent time, with weather always changing.
A time for Spring house cleaning, and furniture rearranging.

Tis the time for the Irish, and St. Paddy’s Day.
Time for corned beef and cabbage’ and for some a bit too much o’ beer.
Look closely the day after, in the morn’, to see who’s had too much o’ cheer.

Spring begins it’s annual pilgrimage, as always, in March again you’ll see.
A time of renewal and new beginning, flowers begin blooming and buds are on the tree.

As March departs, either like a lion or a lamb, pleasant days soon lie ahead and spirits start to soar.
If April coming up, didn’t include tax time, we’d like it even more.

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