Anthology of Carols

With the passing of the holiday season (football bowl games don’t count) Tina Drakulich has been thinking carols and our military serving and those who gave their all.



Anthology of Carols

Tina Drakulich

Winter sight, cold, dark night;

the stars are brightly shining.

Blue Star, watch as they go.

-traverse afar, field and fountain,

moor and mountain-

marching to the drum of  war…

-Hark! The angels sing:

peace on Earth and goodwill to men

voices yet unheard:

Man at war with man

cannot hear the love songs they bring.


Blue Star of Wonder, Gold Star of Night,

the silent world is pleading:

let nothing us dismay…

Hark! The angels sing;

of life’s gathering gloom:

Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying

that myrrh is ours, a bitter perfume-

the news of Fate’s unfold.

Star Light Star Bright,

Which star shall it be tonight,

Blue or Gold?

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