Dreams of Redemption

This week Tina D. shares with us a poem of redemption:

Dreams of Redemption
Tina Drakulich
September 2013

I rubbed my eyes to get a better look-
Moon appeared
in place of dreams.

Shrouded in pearly mist,
she sank into the pool of pink ether-
that betrayed Sun’s secret.

I stepped up for a closer look-
She lifted her veil…
to get a closer look at me!

Our gazes met.

Eyes locked,
We shared secrets of
violet, green and gold.

We studied one another,
admiring beauties,
soothing blemishes,
delving beyond skin, scanning souls.

Obedient breezes
turned leaves over,
drew a contrasting hue
to the tremendous, increasing blue-
clouds moved in and cleared confusion.
heralding a message for only me:

“I alone know your anguish.”

I rubbed my eyes to get a better look,
he was near…
My long lost friend.

Gazing into that familiar soul,
under a smiling sun,
My dreams don’t need to come,
they are here.

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