December thoughts

On this Winter Solstice Rick Shuster presents with some thoughts of the season.

December and Thoughts for the Holidays, 2014

Busy streets with twinkling lights glistening on the snow
can not match a child’s anticipation, with eyes all aglow.
As Christmas nears, time moves slowly, with slumber hard to find.
Hoping for good deeds remembered, all others left behind.
Houses cheery, with decorations on display.
People looking forward, to the coming Christmas day.
The cards and letters mailed and shopping nearly done.
The Holiday, upon us soon, a time for family fun.
People all-over begin holiday travel,
and last minute shoppers begin to unravel.
Miles to be covered and gifts to be wrapped,
Resolved last year, never again would be trapped.
If this sounds all too familiar, to many it might,
know you’re in good company, come Christmas night.
Merry Christmas, With love, joy, peace and goodwill to man,
sounds very much like a worthwhile plan.

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, December and Thoughts for the Holidays

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