This week as the leaves turn gold and red and the cool weather returns RandomlyRambling Rick Shuster looks back at the summer just past.


Rick Schuster

Summer here and now in full swing
folks are busy, doing Summer things.
Camping, boating, fishing…more,
as long as it can be done, outdoors.
Commitment to Independence, on July 4th is made,
gratefully, with picnics, and fireworks, after the parade.
Great sacrifices remembered, for liberty and freedom,
continued this day, protecting country, family and home.
The month of July, from end to end, each and every part,
Here in the Reno, NV area, we proudly celebrate the Arts.

The heat is on, the sun begins to bake,
everyone’s mind’s, on going to the lake.
Be sure to use plenty of sun screen,
or your sunburn, will surely ache.
Everywhere now, as we look around,
hillsides, parks and lawns turn brown!
The heat is intense, the air, it is dry,
water twice a week, or it’ll surely die!
July rapidly closing, time now is in flight.
A new month beginning soon, with old sounds and sights,
before you know, it soon will be, “Hot August Nights”.

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, July, Nevada Veterans Writing Project



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