Tina Drakulich 2014, 2nd edition


Green is binary-

Yellow and blue.

It soaks up sun-

and radiates cool.


Emerald, manicured lawns

like fixed width binary code;

with all of their perfection,

lose something in each manicure.


Pasture is like variable length code.

Browsers graze tender shoots and

transform it again and again

to original form,

meadow grass.


Green meadow grass,

measures the same

in the beginning as in the end;

yellowing under the

infinite, blue sky.


Grass roots grow,

The roots of green Germanate.

words spring forth:

Grun. Green. Grown.


Primitive yellow, primordial blue,

natives of any country.


make sophisticated,



Hopeful spring…

juicy green.

A go signal;

a symbol for youth.


And life.

And innocence.

And hope.

And golf courses.

And money.

And envy.

And energy.

And militaries.

And cemeteries

-with rows of white crosses.


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