My Psychotic Episode

This week Eric Hobson writes about his year in Vier Nam.


My Psychotic Episode


356 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes

That’s how long it lasted

My psychotic episode


Wheels down to wheels up

My life upended during

My psychotic episode


Denial on every face

Denial all around during

My psychotic episode


Cam Rahn to South of Saigon

I never could escape

My psychotic episode


I am strong I claimed

I can survive

My psychotic episode


I shall survive

I’ll bring my body back from

My psychotic episode


Survive I did

Survived unscathed

My psychotic episode


Back at home, outwardly normal

War changes man, I’ve seen much during

My psychotic episode


My body whole, I’ve seen so much

My psyche not so much in

My psychotic episode


Inwardly I’m so alone, so numb

And my psyche screams about

My psychotic episode


Forty years plus this was

And my psyche screams, NO!

You did not survive your psychotic episode




Spc 4 Hobson


Eric 1968

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