The Shadow verses the Sun

The Shadow versus the Sun

(Modified from Death Valley Shadows, Jan 2012)


As the sun punishes, the shadow provides refuge.

I long for the shadow.

The shadow is elusive, on the move.

It entices to follow.

It gives your want.

As the son replenishes, the shadow denies fullness.

I long for the son.

The son is steady, it warms.

It entices to bask.

It gives your want.

I long for the shadow when I have the sun.

I long for the son when I have the shadow.


The shadow dares you to choose it, but won’t be caught.

The sun doesn’t give a damn if you choose it.

The shadow provides comfort from heat, but then turns cold.

The son provides heat, never changing.

The shadow provides protection from light, but then robs you of sight.

The son provides light, everlasting.

The shadow wants you to think that it is equal and opposite of the sun.

As the son moves, then moves the shadow.

You can’t count on the shadow.

You can count on the son.

The shadow is a byproduct of the son.

The Rock and the Ragged edge           1April 2014                           J Meacham

Jo is an Afghanistan War veteran, who writes of her experiences in the military and her relationship with her father a professional military man.  

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