Thoughts on the 4th

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America, somehow it is, you continue to live,
even after all of the times, you gave all you possibly could give.

Of your youngest and best, the promising rest, so many bodies and souls,
standing their guard and in battles reward, in the air, at sea and in foxholes.

Your sacrifices great, spread across the seas, and continents all around this Earth,
under circumstances seemingly impossible, you did what you must, and suffered the dearth.

You have fought bravely against our enemies, both the domestic and the foreign,
and continued proudly, with Old Glory out front, and refused all disdain and scorn.

A call for rights & liberties: and freedom & justice, sprung from New England’s countryside;
conceived, protected, birthed and nurtured; a gift from God Almighty, and reason for our pride.

America, as we celebrate your birthday again, in troubled and tragic times, with a new year squarely in our sights,
we also celebrate your God given birthday gifts, the Declaration of Independence, the
Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick


Why I don’t celebrate the 4th

A star-spangled fourth
Flags flying, bands play, the
Sounds/smells of mortars

eric hobson

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