Thoughts on Fathers Day

Ramblings about Fathers Day by Richard Shuster

Randomly Rambling Rick

Father’s Day is Only a Week Away©

We all know Father’s Day, is usually not a real big deal

and from Mom and her day, none of it we’d ever steal.


But I think for Dad, its time he got his just due

so for the next few days, that’s exactly what I’ll do.


Unlike Mom, Dad’s thoughts are not so sticky sweet,

so if anything seems offensive, hit the button named delete.


Some Dad originals, and some Dad thoughts from some others,

will arrive to share, with all Dads who are our brothers.


Remember too, husbands, brothers, nephews and all granddads,

include all sons-in-law, cousins, and other kinds of Dads.


Through the years, Dad’s Day, has brought me joy and pride,

whether with my own Dad, or with my children by my side.


So here we go, the week ahead, thoughts both happy and sad,

but most of all, they are sent along to honor dear old Dad.


Fathers Day, Now is Gone©

Fathers Day, now is gone, for another year,

with some memories glad and some memories sad,

some laughs and joy, and a couple of tears.


Time to reflect now upon, only those memories good,

and remember, what Fathers Day, is really all about,

to be the best darn Father, that any Father ever could.


What I’d Like for Father’s Day©


What do you think Dad would like for Father’s Day? What do you want for Father’s Day, Dad? Not uncommon questions, but they prompted this Dad to think what he’d like most if he could have the gift of his choice from his children.

The gift he would like to receive the most would be to have a letter from his children; not a group letter, but individual letters, written or typed, it matters not, but an individualized letter to your Dad telling him what you think you’d like him to know.

My Dad left this world without ever knowing the many things, thoughts as an adult, I would have liked to have shared with him, had he still been alive, when I was 30 years old, and 35, 40, 50, and now at 63.


So, if you are thinking about a present for your Dad for Fathers’ Day, write him a letter. Neckties and tee-shirts and barbeque mitts all disappear, but your thoughts and words will forever stay with your Dad.

Love Always, Dad



Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, Keeping History Alive

US Navy Hospital Corpsman

Life-Member (VVA) Vietnam Veterans of America

Chairman of Board of Directors VVA Chapter #989

National VVA Delegate

Nevada State Council VVA Delegate

Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition

Veterans Guest House

Nevada State Veterans Legislation Committee

Nevada Veterans Writing Project



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