Murder He Wrote

Murder He Wrote

A Momologue/Dialogue



Ahhh…home sweet home

Yea, right.

What’s this? A feather on the walkway? Actually half a feather, split right down the spine. Damn cat’s been birding again.

Better get rid of this before the old lady sees it

Dumb broad has to feed all the birds within five square miles, yet it’s somehow my fault when the cat does what cats do.

WHAT THE HELL. She’s locked the damn door.

Where the hell is the key? Damn, to f ing many keys on this ring. Hell I don’t remember what half of these are for. Got to get rid of some –just wearing a hole in my pocket. O.K here we go.

REALLY, the deadbolt too. Shit it’s not like we live in Detroit or some other inner city.

Hey, Ginny I’m home.

Ginny? Where the hell are you girl?

What the hell’s going on? It’s to quiet. What’s that smell? This isn’t right.

911 what’s your emergency?

I’m at home and something is wrong. My wife is not here.

Where are you sir?

I’m in the dining room.

No sir, what is your address?

432 Canyon Circle.

Do you need the police or EMT?

I don’t know – the place just feels and smells wrong.

Just stay put sir, I’m sending a patrol car. Please stay on the line.

I’m going to check it out.

SIR, please remain where you are until the police arrive.

Screw that, this is my house and something ain’t right.

What the hell?

Sir, what is it?

There’s a diaper in the bathroom.

Sir are you or your wife incontinent?

What? NO, it’s a babies diaper

Do you have young children in the house sir.

No my sons are grown with their own families.


No, the ones in town are all teens and the others live in Seattle.

O K sir, just stay put.

Now what?


There a kids toy bow and one of those arrow thingies on my wife’s bed.

A quiver, sir

No. my hands are steady.

No sir, an arrow thingies it’s called a quiver.

Oh. Yea, one of those.

Sir, no children in the house.

No, damn it I told you, no kids.

O K sir, just calm down.

The smell is stronger back here.

What smell sir. Do you have a gas leak?

No it’s not gas, I use to work for the power company and it’s definitely not gas. I know the smell, I just can’t remember what it is.

Why don’t you return to the dinning room and wait for the police.

OH Christ, I know that smell. Smelled it way to much in Nam.


It’s the smell of death.

Sir, stay where you are the police are just two minutes out.

Somebody needs my help. Ginny… Ginny?

OH GOD, Christ! There’s a baby in my bed. OH Lord what kind of animal would do that?

Sir, what’s happening?

There’s a dead baby on my bed. He’s been tortured. GOD there are cuts and bruises and scars all over his body. WHY?


Back here.

Sir, step away from the bed. Do you know this child?

He’s C U, a neighbor kid. A real ‘tard, but a nice enough kid.

Sir. Please step away.

What, no I’ve got to see. I’ve got to roll him over.

Don’t touch that body!

I’ve got to see. No! oh Jesus, NO! I killed him! Christ, I murdered him. I Killed…



Eric Hobson


So who was killed? Leave your guess in the comments section

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