Introduction to our writings


A Journey

 Cam Rahn Bay, Long Binh

Nah Be and Saigon

Thank you Vietnam

Phu Loi, Bien Hoa

Lai Khe, Parrot’s Beak

Thank you Vietnam

Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain)

Tay Ninh, Tet offensive

Thank you Vietnam

One oh fives, one five fives

The shelling of Saigon

Thank you Vietnam

Diabetes, Hypertension

Kidneys failing


                                       eric hobson



She ran in the desert so she could test the new dog, Molly, off leash. Molly took off without

listening, utterly failing the test. Sensing no danger to the dog, she ran ahead. She thought

about her recent deployment and how this desert reminded her of Afghanistan. It bothered

her that women there still need protection from bad men. Lost in her thoughts, she did not

notice the bad man lurking. He attacked her and met an untimely death. Molly passed the

ultimate test! She vowed to send a Rottweiler to every woman in Afghanistan.

The Rock and the Ragged Edge

J Meacham

Fall, 2011


This Very Moment

By Luana J. Ritch

In this moment,

This very moment,

I breathe.

My heart beats rapidly.

I smell acrid smoke.

The ROK soldier’s eyes

Burning into me.

He points his rifle at my head.

The bore grows larger,

Before me as I stare.

I hear a child’s cry.

Fear surrounds and fills me.

I see the child’s tears.

A gunshot sounds.

My breath catches in my throat.

I believe this is my ending.

Something moves next to me.

I try to place what it is.

Someone else’s breathing

Breaks the silence.

A warm damp nose nudges my hand.

My eyes blink open.

Brown eyes stare at me.

I wake from my nightmare.

I breathe.

My heart beats.

Joy fills every cell of my being

I am alive!

I rise to let Jodee out

In this moment,

This very moment.


Jodee the wonder dog and Luana
Jodee the wonder dog and Luana


The Day After Veteran’s Day

 What should one expect the day after Veterans Day might be like? Oh sure, the events are over, flags are now carefully folded, parades are now at rest, and the bands and floats; instruments now silent and vehicles stored away. Speeches spoken are but brief memories shared and now neatly filed away for yet another time.

 Wait a minute, is that all? Do we not have all the Veterans that have served us in many generations past? Do we not have today’s Veterans who defend our country each and every today and those who will stand on the ready  for each and every tomorrow? What about their service each and every tomorrow? When is their Veterans Day? Should not Veterans Day be Every Day?

 Let us remember Our Veterans this day and every day. Let us daily pause  for a moment or two to consider the sacrifices of all Veterans who have given and are giving freely, so that we all may and may always enjoy our freedom. As it was and is their job to defend our freedom, so it becomes our job to honor their memories, every day. 

 What should one expect the day after Veterans Day might be like?  Veterans Day Should be Every Day!

 Richard G. Shuster, RandomlyRamblingRick, The Day after Veteran’s Day, Veterans Writing Project



Ode to the Bumblebee

Tina Drakulich 2013

Bumblebee, fly in spring.

Taste Summer’s sweet nectar, a little too early.

Love Sun’s brilliant light, a little too much.

Drink Autumn’s mead of gold.

Kiss Frost’s lacey tendrils, a little too soon.

Rest now, in grace and peace.

Bumblebee- I will remember you;

your life improved this place.



You’re Not Alone


The Nevada desert can be a lonely place 

When driving the highways alone.

 Especially when the asphalt disappears into the sky

from where you once came

 And the path ahead becomes unknown.


The mountains create walls of solitude

 A barrier to protect you, or is it to confine?

 They guide you where they want you to go.

 You just have to keep traveling forward to eventually see a sign.


In the valley between the road and the walls

 Where the earth is peppered with sagebrush

 Out in the distance, there becomes a strange sight

 A misplaced patch of deep green trees growing thick and lush.


Curiosity may get you to travel a different road.

To see what’s being guarded by those trees of green

 As you pass through the metal gates and cement walls

It becomes very clear what’s at this scene.


The ground is no longer that of sagebrush and rock

 It is covered with grass and not a blade out of place.

 But then lines of grey begin to take shape amongst the manicured lawn.

 Granite slabs indent the ground and are uniformly spaced.


This land of green is where these veterans came to rest

On each stone, engravings replace a face 

So when you’re on that empty desert road and you see a misfit of trees

 Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, not near that place.



Tina Lemus-USMC

                               NV Veterans Writing Project 2013

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