Who we are

Who are we?

We are alumni of the Northern Nevada Veterans Writers Workshop.

We are a mixture of veterans and Veterans family who wish to explore the world through the written word as well as graphic media.

We support the on going efforts of future Nevada Veterans writing projects in addition to supporting Reno Art Town and The Combat Paper Project.

We meet monthly to support our on going individual writing projects and to continue the on going healing we need through writing. We believe that healing is supported by telling our stories.


Our Bios:

Eric Hobson is a retired teacher, both high school and college. He is a disabled Vietnam veteran who lives in Reno withhis wife of 46 years. Eric has enjoyed poetry all of his life and has written most of his adult years. Writing what he calls ‘catch and release’ poetry. He writes for his understanding and amusement, finally being satisfied with the result he would destroy the poem. Recently he has reached a point where he feels the need to ‘go public’ with his writings. He has been published in O Dark Thirty, an online literary journal for veterans and their families. Eric has participated in the local Veterans Creative Arts Festival receiving a Gold Medal.

Jo Meacham enlisted in the Nevada Air National Guard in 1986 and is still serving as a citizen-airman. She has a degree in Electrical Engineering, is a registered professional engineer and works at the local electric utility. She chose engineering so she didn’t have to write. However, her 2010 deployment to the United States Headquarters iKabul, Afghanistan turned out to be a life changing experience and one she wanted to write about. She became convinced that if the men and woman who serve don’t tell their stories, the truth will never be known. In a twist of fate, her father—her military inspiration—passed away unexpectedly the day before she returned home from Kabul.

Since then, she has been struggling to write the story of her military service and of herrelationship with her father (the Rock). The two stories are inextricably intertwined.

She hopes to stay in the military so she can continue to promote resiliency skills within the veteran community. In her spare time, she volunteers on several projects designed to raise awareness within the civilian community of the challenges military members face due to their military service, including the Northern Nevada Veterans Writing Project.


Richard G. (Rick) Shuster
A rambling poet of sorts, a lover of this topsy-turvey representative republic, a proud veteran and father of veterans, a fiercely protective constitutional conservative, and a rapidly seasoning citizen; looking to leave behind a few ramblings that might make some difference to one or more souls who are hopeful for and willing to work for a better future for all our children and children’s children and appreciate our history and the gifts and miracles God has and does provide.
US Navy Hospital Corpsman 1963-66
Life-Member (VVA) Vietnam Veterans of America
Chairman of Board of Directors VVA Chapter #989
National VVA Delegate
Nevada State Council VVA Delegate
Nevada State VVA Council, Committee Chair;
Agent Orange/Dioxin Awareness
Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition
Nevada Veterans Legislative Committee
Concerned Veterans for America, Nevada Team Leader
Nevada Veterans Writing Project, RandomlyRamblingRick
Veterans Guest House
Men’s Ministry Group, Spirit Filled Church
Tina Lemus is a 42 year old mother of three girls (2 still at home). She is a visually impaired Marine veteran. She volunteers at the Reno VA’s VIST department. Tina is the  Reno coordinator for Team River Runner. a national non-profit which promotes health and healing through water sports for disabled veterans/active duty and their families.

Tina Drakulich currently directs the David J. Drakulich Art Foundation:  For Freedom of Expression (DJD Art), whose vision is “Art Heals War Wounds”.  DJD Art serves veterans with such programs as the Veteran’s Art Project and the Combat Paper Nevada Project, as a means of commemorating Sgt. David J. Drakulich, an artist who served and died in the Global War On Terror.  In addition, she teaches at Washoe County School District.  She has spent her life practicing various art disciplines, favoring visual arts. Currently she writes poetry and works at the art and craft of papermaking.


Luana Ritch is a veteran of The U S Army serving a 12 month tour in South Korea in 1980-1981. She retired from the U S army Reserve in 2005 after a 30 year military career. Luana writes poetry, short stories and  essays. She has had her poetry published in The Red Rock Review, and The Meadows literary journals. Her poetry has received Gold and Silver metals in the local Veterans Creative Arts Festivals, and placing with a national Bronze metal in 2013.

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